Thursday, April 14, 2011


"kawlu addarata wee.. ayagath nethu
hada gahena wara ganimin unna..."
obe suwanda thilinayak leda
gena ewi kiya"

"warnawath kandulu binduwak..
naharayak osse,
hadawathata thurulu wu mohothaka..
oba mage langin unna nam..."

"yanena dahasak neth athara
da angili unuhumin ekineka
weli patalunu.."
nuwara waw sulangata danga karana
keherali athara thani unu,
wahibindu kamisa ath theth karapu
mathakada numbata kudaya apa atharin

Friday, April 8, 2011

Confide & Conspiracy By Radical

Aswinda D Sharp November 9, 2010 at 1:04pm
sry for disturbing you again! i think now i can give better answers for your question paper. it'll be an ease for you as same as me also! you must be thinkin on wht am i saying,, yeah this is another strange & confusing thing! please listen carefuly! i think tht u r nt interested in plays, novels,films whch highlight the basic & utmost theme life. i'll start from a plot(i haven't still decided whether is this a novel,play or a film) anyway you are the first person who reads this inauguraluy. i uses a lad as the narrator who can be considered as an university student. he may living in 1789 in Paris,in 1917 in peters-burg, in 1954 in Havana or in 1989 in Colombo. his mother is a daughter of a rich & capitalistic land owner who considered as a PORA and his father is a man who seems as more & more honest & with a heart full of all kinds of humanities. so i call him as a real noble. but the society never measure the weight of a person on examining a charactor, so this man is considered as a real third class labourer and a rastiyadore (in spanish term) however these lass and lad fall in love in a straong manner and marry without the bless of their so called guardians. then the narrator of the story comes to enjoy the sunlight and the bluish sky in a little tin thatched shanty full of all non-physical prosperities and without any fortune that contain a physical excistance. he grows up among peaple who have the gretest enlightenment on blood & pespiration. due to their economical problems times become as hard as they can be his father joins the army and goes to the battle front with the so called need of protecting the country and with the unnoticed essential need of finding breads for his loved for the unreleaveable wish of the almighty god there he occupies a primature death infront of a connon blast in the enemy territory. his dead body arrives in a coffin wrapped with the national flag among woeful sighs and sobs. there happens an unusual and unexpected thing. his mother doesn't shed a single tear drop at the very occation. anyone doesn't know the real reason for this and it's an ought of the readership. now think wht'll happen to the narrator? will he and his mother die without breads? nope! there happens a completely different thing. at the very occation the society which these charactors belong to is a burning furnace. thousands of social ,economical,cultural problems have jackbooted because of the offences of the rulers. finding daily breads become rather difficult tomorrow than today. however his mother protects him and tries to give him a chance to enjoy the blessed fruit of education by working at the industries at day time and by the world's oldest employment at night.
i told you that this narrator is a combination of the upper & the lowest classes there lives some metaphors("rupaka" the sinhala term) wich haven't any physical excistance and always live and occupy inside him. there comes an output from himself as for the result of the conflict which happens among these metaphors inside him. (you've to imagine that now he has grown up to a lad from that little fellow) now he is an university student and people know him as a musician,scholar,radical,writer & an artist. these all things happen as a result of that metaphors. they live inside his heart, mind, soul,thoughts etc. i call them as"rasthiyadukaraya","pissa","ugatha","keralikaraya" & "sangeethakaraya". these metophors have a thing like a parliment. they argue at everything there and lead the narrator's feelings,emotions,behaviours & almost everything. he studies in the day time, straddle with his peers at night, play his banjo in the evenings, write poems to newspapers, reads at everytime he got an ease. and the most important thing he works as a career of a political party which based on marxism & socialism. at the very moment his mother dies from a longly straddled ailment which is not found or treated. (i think i must give a name for the narrator! i 'll call him Pavel" from there) this brings a great shock to him and there in the parliament of metaphors happen an unexpected revolution. Radical catches the power of the parliament and become a dictator by taking all others to his control. that means Pavel too become a person who is named as a strange guy by others. he becomes a leader of his political party. deprives all worldly things from his life. he no longer believe any thing that haven't a physical excistance. he deprive music, poetry & literature from his life too. however now he's trying to lead a revolution to change the whole social circumstances. as a mission of this struggle he is recommended by his party to find some information that is helpful for their revolution. now he has to be a lover of a beautiful girl like a true angel whose father is a high ranker of the government army. committed to his mission Pavel becomes the lover of Natalia. but there happens an unexpected thing. their love became a real one and Pavel feels like that he has already found something he has been lost for his life. simultaneously he gets off from his mission and principals too. now pavel and natalia are real lovers. One day in the evening time they are sitting on a park bench watching the sunset Pavel suddenly decides to tell the whole scenario to Natalia and to leave her. he says that he doesn't love her it was just a mission & leave him alone. there he doesn't say the truth. it's only the decision of the radical,the dictator & there 're 4 more metaphors inside him against this decision. he gets up from the bench, turns back and say "Pavel sleeps no more". then natalia says: "life holds circumstances. but circumstances never hold life because life is a combination of circumstances. i know you'll come back' i hope your arrival but you'll be too late and you 'll be a real suffer & a confession-er. remember my gesture......! (now Pavel is looking infront & Natalia is looking at him with fully opened & glittering eyes)
the writer hasn't write upto this scene. let's switchon to the writers charactor. he too has a story very similar to this and he wants to write the plot from this scene. but he couldn't do it & decides to experience if he's Pavel what he'll do. >.........

now you know what happended after there. but still the writer couldn't finish the plot because now he has another very grave mental circumstance. now he's pondering about the girl's mental circumstances that he uesed to experience & falls from guilty conscious. he wrote another prose viewing this from that girl's point of view. and now you read the self confession of that writer who has done a great offense to you and to your faith. the name of this plot is "CONSPIRACY & CONFIDE" i think you 'll give me a real criticism as a real friend & the inaugural reader of this. please give your excuse for the writer only if you have any ability.........................................................................................!

Aswinda D Sharp November 29, 2010 at 10:23pm
today i finished this work! as the secondsimultanious story i attached the writer's own experience too. nw the connoisseur 've two auditory images, just chances to experience. at sometimes i feel that there's repetetion and wanna change... how ever i used some of your real charactoristics to base the writer's parter. & also some of your own words too. for an example "you won't lost this friend anyhow!"_(aswini angel- October 4 at 2:18pm) {you've to add 4&1/2 hrs cauz this is +1 time} i think you won't gt nutz for this! as for the present circumstances CONSPIRACY & CONFIDE ends with some rhetorical questions. i wrote them by adding some amendments to the very questions that you ask from me like "who are you?" i used the late war scenarioes & the socalled victory from the background of this second part. there i wanted to impress again the very topic WAR from this second part. the name of the writer's girl is MALAR. she's also a tamil. in this case i didnt use anything like facebook. the both charactors of the writer & malar ve some inculcated nutz charactoristics as for your words! in this case in the last scene, the writer gets into a thrishaw and gts dsprd among the neon lights and the grey dull crowd. Malar captures shrewd glances for any respondence bt there's nothing as for her expectations. at least the writer takes out a sigaretto from his pocket. a half of the malar's shadow is viewing from the back shutter of the trishow & the sound of the fancy engine of the trishow is fading.... after all there appears this sentence- "Samuel Buckett is still waiting for Godot. simultaniously pavel,natalia,Ashwin(the writer) & Malar are still waiting for there love................"
at least there remain two unsolved questions at heels or at toes of the viewer. they must be imagined by the connoisseur............
(waiting for godott is a famous play by Samuel Buckett. you may 've already read this)