Friday, June 3, 2011

It's a Moonlit Night

   It's a night. The sky is like a blue blanket with white spots everywhere. The stars are glowing as crystals. Half moon gives a calm light to the earth. Grass on this loud grade are gently swaying in the breeze. There are a girl and a boy witnessing this pastoral and panoramic grandeur who are lying under a tree, on the grass. Each and every circumstance has made the stage for the upcoming enjoyment of their love. The boy tries to touch the girl's lips smoothly. And then he's gonna reach her hair. Now he is glaring at her eyes in a direct manner. There he finds the blessed definition for the unspoilt spiritual love out of her black pistils. Girl puts one of her arms through his neck and rests the other on his chest. She feels the beatings of his heart. She gets the meanings of the mumbles made by each drop of blood flows through his nerves.
    The boy's head is getting closer and closer towards her. He tries to taste her lips using the senses of his lips. Clouds cover the moon. Darkness is being embraced the loud glade. Now everything is ready for them to be their's. He feels that the buttons of his shirt are being removed in a gentle manner. Her fingers awake his senses in each time when they touch his nude chest. Her black cascade type hair has provided a new fashionable dress for him. He feels her fingers and lips going all over his body, as smooth criminals, discovering are there any secrets with him that aren't discovered yet.
   The freezing breeze touches his nude chest and says his shirt is no more with him. But it's doubtful whether he feels the cold or not because someone has been tried to hide in his warmth. He can't bare his feelings anymore, now he's gonna take his tern. He puts his arms around he waist and hugs her as tight as he can. Now the girl's body is rested on the grass, and the boy's on her. He kisses her neck, then ears. He has a great scent in finding out her teases. His arms has gone through her hip. Their shyness has beaten by the darkness. Even the moon seems to have decided not to disturb their love. They only can feel the touches and the smells of each other because the moon is still covered by the grey clouds. The boy removes her overcoat and reaches the climax. He kisses and touches her everywhere finding hotspots and secrets of her body. They are mad over their senses that are being generated by calf love. Freezing breeze cuddles with their half naked and warm bodies. The light moonlight that is being peeped to the scene gives a sense that everything's gonna overred be. Again shimmering starts are coming forward in their own hues. The curtain of grey clouds seems to have viewed the stage of the glade to the audience filled with the moon and stars. They see their faces that have changed in to scarlet by their shyness...

This is written by my girl friend in a moonlit lonely night, lying on a bed that was away from thousand miles from mine. Though our mother tongue is different from each other we always try to expose our real musings through things like this. There'll be certain grammar mistakes. I didn't mean to harm the original piece of writing by editings.