Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Butterfly

"Though my skin is dark,
                              Though I used to hide among gloomy shadows,
I too prefer the sense of flowers,
Because I'm too a butterfly..."

      Butterfly", the symbol of pastoral and panoramic senses as well as beauty, love and romance. Anyhow i raise a small question. All the butterflies are vivid in color? The simple and expected answer is nopes. Then why do people consider it as such a mirror forth of romance although all the butterflies are not so? It's simply because of the majority. No one consider or even make a declaration about those ones who hasn't these types of starry remarks. But they too are butterflies not mere flies. 
   This phenomenon is very much common and can be easily found out from the human society. From the scientific and religious point of views all the humans are equal in order to there are sans differences among them. Each and every religion has highlighted the theory of equality without any unevenness. But the thing is “Reality is very much gloom from the elution”. Human society has been discriminated into several types of divisions in an egoistic and brutal manner.
  If the sun and moon rise above every nation, if the freezing breeze share its bliss among every hue, if the stars grin with every shimmering eyes, then how can we be different?
  I got this type of introverted sense since I saw this scene (which has published above) and after taking this photograph. I tried to undergo the deepest core of the feelings that a butterfly who is having a dark skin can hold be in similar to a person belong to a minor discriminatory can held be. The experiences that I’ve had through out my life came to my mind.
  Once when I was three years old I was traveling with my father in Milano city metro. It’s name was ATM. We seated near of a white lady there. Then she glared at our black skin in an sin able manner, stood up and went off. Father was really disappointed. I asked him what happened and what’s wrong with her? Then he told me that it’s her blind musing. You’ll understand someday. But you have to remember that “There’s neither different or an unevenness in peoples skin tone, hue of hair or in the way they live.” It echoes in-between my ears almost every time.