Wednesday, May 29, 2013


somewhere on a beach

A *warm hug* :D

Gives him a tiny parcel wrapped nicely. 

"You can't unwrap this right now. You have to wait. ok? :D "

an hour later
A boy is sitting on a bench by a railway line is reading some thing.

a day which summarizes, 
a decade and more 7 years!
It z Ur day A***...! 

Well, I know not what to write. Instead of telling u "Happy Birthday" I said something stupid. Is that so? Anyhow A***, I specially write this to you, A HAPPY LIFE, whatever the past. OMG! I've so much more to write. But! I dunno how to write, ගලපගන්න තේරෙන්නෙ නෑ නේ! :( 

A***, sorry for giving you just a note book and a sign pen. But, when I saw this, it really reminded me you. And I felt it contains something more that to call it a pen... And the reason to give u this small book, is... actually.. I like these small things.. And thought of giving u something I like.. :( But I know that u like.. I usually use these things to write my sudden thoughts. So I thought it'll also help u at the same thing. Well A***.. have to say many things out of them, these are few things...

 Love those who advice u..
And not who praise u..

And u said that circumstances never hold life, and that life hold circumstances. What I have to say is, In this circumstance we must have strength, power to face. Or else, we'll lose. So A***,

U have Strength! Step to your own aim!
Close your eyes gently....
Think what you must do...
Get Strength...
And everything will be fine... Calm... Ok...!
I'm with u...

Ok A*** it's time for me to stop... to make the comma, Sorry for the grammar mistakes! 

And, මම නිහතමානීව ආඩම්බර වෙනවා. :) I'll tell u the reason. Perhaps you can guess. Or else I'll tell. :)... Take care always A***. Problem එකක් වුනා ම, u said me to do the most risky thing. Risk එක වැඩිම problem එකට කරන එක, මිසක්....... නෙවෙයි. You know what I mean by '..........' this.. ok. Keep these in your heart. See you. Take Care. MMMMWWWAAAH! :D! 


Few years later-An evening

A boy, sitting on the very bench just finished reading something and started writing on an old note book, using a silver color sign pen. 

It's my b'day. :) I thought you'll remember it. :) How foolish am I? :) Everything is the same. This bench, beach, breaking waves, dying sun, palms, railway line, and me.. hehe :) but you... Your words.. "Strength, calmness, happiness.." Where are they? hehe "Where have all those flowers gone?" :) It's "ok", "alright" :) ඔයා සතුටෙන් නේ. :ඩී I'm here, on 2*th M**. I cried. I smiled. I contemplated. And I filled my heart.. :) with "LOVE.".. To live another year, and to come back on next 2*th M**. :) 

"සඳට සදහට සෙනේ පෑ මුත් උදුල තරු කැටයම්
හිරුට පෙම් බැඳි එකද තරුවක් සිටිය නොහැකි ද යම්
නුඹට නොහැඟෙන මගේ ප්‍රේමය ඒ වගේ මනරම්

පුදුම වෙයි නුඹ නම්..."